The FOSSASIA Summit 2019 is an exciting Open Technology event for developers, students, and start ups using open source to build up their businesses. It is a unique opportunity to share the latest innovations in open source technologies and meet contributors and potential partners. It will take place once again in Singapore from March 14 - 17, 2019.

Since the first FOSSASIA meetup in 2009 in Ho Chi Minh City, FOSSASIA has taken the lead to organize Free and Open Source Software conferences in Asia. Past FOSSASIA events have attracted thousands of participants, speakers from 41 countries, and hundreds of volunteers. The FOSSASIA Summit has an over the average participation of female technologists.

Featured Speakers

Davide Storti


Davide works as a FOSS Programme Manager at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. He leads the YouthMobile initiative, which aims at inspiring young girls and boys to drive technological innovation by acquiring the skills and confidence to code and develop mobile apps for sustainable development.

Misako Ito


Misako Ito works as Advisor for Communication and Information at UNESCO Regional Office in Bangkok. She is responsible for UNESCO’s Communication and Information programme in the Mekong countries and coordinates the UNESCO Memory of the World programme for safeguarding the documentary heritage in Asia and the Pacific. Before joining Bangkok, she spent six years at UNESCO Office in Rabat, Morocco, in providing advisory services for media development, its legislation on freedom of information as well as for the media and information literacy policies in Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia.

Mario Behling


Mario Behling is the CEO of OpnTec. He is a technologist with 15 years of experience in leading international development teams in Europe, Asia and India. He helped to get FOSSASIA started and works with the community on SUSI.AI and Open Hardware solutions like Pocket Science Lab. Mario also steers the development of the eventyay project. He is fascinated about drums and global music and has an interest in architecture. In Vietnam he designed and build a seven storey eco-hotel and in Afghanistan he setup mesh networks in Afghan schools.

Hong Phuc


Hong Phuc Dang co-founded FOSSASIA in 2009 as a community devoted to improving people’s lives through sharing Open Technologies and knowledge and fostering global connections. She especially wanted to encourage developers from Asia to participate in the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) movement.

Dr Koh Tat Suan

Lifelong Learning Institute

Dr Koh Tat Suan is the Director, Lifelong Learning. He oversees the management of the Lifelong Learning Institute and supports the Lifelong Learning Council to promote lifelong learning mindset among Singaporeans under the SkillsFuture. He has been a public service officer for nearly 38 years, of which 22 years serving the Singapore Armed Force; 3 years at the Ministry of Education; and currently serving the then Workforce Development Agency, and now SkillsFuture Singapore, since 2016. He is an Engineer by training. He completed his Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the National University of Singapore, Masters in Education Management from University of Western Australia and Education Doctorate from Institute of Education, University of College London.

Bunnie Huang


Bunnie is best known for his work hacking the Microsoft Xbox, as well as for his efforts in designing and manufacturing open source hardware, including the chumby (app-playing alarm clock), chibitronics (teaching electronics through arts and crafts), and Novena (DIY laptop).

Shanker V Selvadurai


Shanker V Selvadurai is currently the Vice President & CTO of Cloud and Cognitive Software for IBM Asia Pacific where he leads the technical organization that helps clients across Asia Pacific to explore and co-create cloud based solutions that leverage data, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to deliver better decisions and outcomes. Prior to joining IBM in 2006, Shanker held key leadership positions in areas of research, development, consulting, sales and marketing with technology companies like AT&T, NCR and Fujitsu as well as start-up BlueGill Technologies. While leading teams varying in size from 6 to over 1,000 based in North America, Europe and Asia, he amassed extensive experience and honed deep skills in building and applying technology enabled capabilities that transform businesses and organizations. Shanker holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration. He is also an Open Group Certified Distinguished Architect. Besides having published international patents/papers, Shanker actively contributed in international technology standards committees that include the IFX Forum, OFX Consortium and the Microsoft Advisory Council. As adjunct lecturer at the Singapore Management University, he taught courses related to Services Science and Advanced Business Technology.

Dr. Graham Williams

Director of Data Science, Microsoft

Graham has been an open source developer since the 1980's, with early contributions to emacs, TeX, Debian, R, and is the developer of various Machine Learning toolkits. He remains a strong advocate for open source and is a practitioner, researcher, and educator in artificial intelligence. In his current role with Microsoft he leads a team of data scientists working with business to implement machine learning solutions and to drive open source product development. As Adjunct Professor/Fellow with ANU and UC in Canberra, Australia, he maintains an active role in research. He is the author of a number of books on machine learning and Mentor for AI Singapore. His open source software is used in teaching data science worldwide and for building solutions in business. He was previously Lead Data Scientist with the Australian Government.

Carsten Haitzler

Arm Holdings

Worked in the Linux and open source world industries for 20 years in several countries on all sides of the globe, has contributed to several open source projects and is best known for founding the Enlightenment window manager project and having written lots of graphics related code for X11. That's 20 years of programming mostly in C and assembly on top of Linux, shipping in 100+ million devices around the globe.

Sanjeev Kumar Biswas

Singapore Press Holdings

Sanjeev has over 19 years of experience in the software industry. He did his BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He has been at Adobe Systems for 13 years and has worked as a Lead Architect for many initiatives like Creative Cloud Subscription Platform, Desktop Licensing, Software Anti-Piracy and Enterprise Subscription. He was an Adobe Distinguished Inventor and Adobe Founders Award Winner. He has 23 issued USA Patents and more than 30 filed in the USA Patent office. His patents are around Image/Audio processing, Machine Learning, Vector Graphics, Identity and Digital Rights Management.

Mitch Altman

Open Hardware Creator

Mitch Altman is a San Francisco-based hacker and inventor, best known for inventing TV-B-Gone, as featured speaker at hacker conferences, as international expert on the hackerspace movement, and for teaching introductory electronics workshops. He is also Chief Scientist and CEO of Cornfield Electronics.

Mete Atamel


Mete is a Developer Advocate at Google, focused on helping developers with Google Cloud. As a long-time Java and C# developer, he likes to compare the two ecosystems. Prior to Google, he worked at Microsoft, Skype, Adobe, EMC, and Nokia building apps and services on various web, mobile and cloud platforms. Originally from the island of Cyprus, he currently lives in Greenwich of London, not too far away from the prime meridian.

Mishari Muqbil

Mishari is based in Thailand where he runs his company. He is participating in the Open Source community since 1990s. He is also a homeschool dad.

Øystein Grøvlen

Alibaba Cloud

Before joining Alibaba, Øystein worked for 10 years in the MySQL optimizer team at Sun/Oracle.  At Sun Microsystems, he was also a contributor on the Apache Derby project and Sun's Architectural Lead on Java DB. Prior to that, he worked for 10 years on development of Clustra, a highly available DBMS.

Andrea Frittoli


Andrea Frittoli is a Developer Advocate at IBM and an open source enthusiast.He has contributed to OpenStack for several years, with focus in Quality Engineering and CI/CD, with the role of Project Technical Lead of the QA Program for one year. He's a strong advocate for transparency in open source. He likes working on IaaS projects as well as machine learning, trying to combines the two worlds.Before joining IBM he was QA Technical Lead at HP/HPE for the Helion Public Cloud and OpenStack Distribution. Earlier he worked as integration engineer and architect, delivering IT projects for Telcos for several years.

Felipe Hoffa


In 2011 Felipe Hoffa moved from Chile to San Francisco to join Google as a Software Engineer. Since 2013 he's been a Developer Advocate on big data - to inspire developers around the world to leverage the Google Cloud Platform tools to analyze and understand their data in ways they could never before. You can find him in several YouTube videos, blog posts, and conferences around the world.

Masayuki Igawa


Masayuki Igawa is a software engineer for over 20 years on a wide range of software projects, and developing open source software related to Linux kernel and virtualization. He's been an active technical contributor to OpenStack since the Grizzly release. He is a core member of some OpenStack QA projects such as Tempest, subunit2sql, openstack-health and stackviz. He currently works for SUSE to make Upstream OpenStack better for everyone and downstream. He has previously been a speaker at OpenStack Summits, LinuxCons Japan and the other open source related conference events.

Michael Cannon


Adventurous water-rat, Peichi's happy man, Chief Success Officer @Axelerant, Drusus & Jace's baba, whole-self enabler, ex-bomb squad, and million-mile traveler

Jollen Chen

Flowchain Foundation

Jollen Chen is the creator and lead developer of Flowchain, an open source based IoT blockchain solutions. Before Flowchain, he has been working on embedded software and full-stack web development for many years. His research interests are the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and IoT data security. Jollen holds a Master's degree in Manufacturing Information and Systems from the National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. You can find him online at

Roland Turner

Roland is Chief Privacy Officer for TrustSphere where he is responsible for the company's information policy and practices. He is a HackerspaceSG founding member and FOSSASIA organiser, holds a Computer Science degree from UTS, and is an avid dancer, runner, and ham radio operator with a particular interest in space.

Ilya Verbitskiy

WebStoating s.r.o

As a software engineer and software development manager in finance and e-commerce sectors, Ilya gained more than 10 years of experience in leading the development of complex software in teams, large and small. Before starting his own business, he worked in Europe and North America for several multinational companies.

Ilya Verbitskiy is the founder of WebStoating s.r.o., an agency helping companies to create a successful online business. Outside of work, he's a husband and father and enjoys sports, games and learning everything about everything.

Martin Michlmayr


Martin Michlmayr is a free and open-source software advocate and Debian developer, currently president of Software in the Public Interest. Michlmayr was elected as Debian Project Leader in 2003. He contributed to Debian's New Member process, participating in the recruitment of over 120 new members. Michlmayr completed a doctorate in technology management at the University of Cambridge in 2007. The focus of this research was on quality improvement in free software and open source projects, and particularly on release management processes and practices. In 2013, O'Reilly awarded an open source award to Michlmayr, putting him in "the 'unsung heroes' category—the people who devote themselves to the important but not always glorious jobs that keep open source healthy". Between 2008 and 2014 Michlmayr served on the board of directors of the Open Source Initiative, acting as the organization's secretary.

Andrew Lee


Andrew Lee (Hualian, Taiwan) – an active Open Source Liaison focusing on the Debian and LXDE Projects. He worked on localization efforts of various kinds of local dialects and aborigines languages in Taiwan. He created various localization related packages in Red Hat, Mandrake, and Debian distros, and also creates and maintains packages in Debian for LXDE project.

Andrew Lee works as a software developer in the Build and Infrastructure team at Collabora and has 5 years of experience working with the Open Build Service(OBS) building both rpm and deb format packages and distribution creations for many different projects and clients. He is now making an efforts on packaging OBS in Debian distro.

Duane O'Brien

Duane O'Brien is the Head of Open Source at, the world's #1 jobs site. He is passionate about enabling smart and meaningful contributions to the open source ecosystem by both developers and corporations. Duane navigates the path between engineering and management, drawing on both his experience as a developer and program manager at companies such as Autodesk, Adobe, and PayPal, as well as his experience supporting Agile transformations.

Philip Paeps

FreeBSD Foundation

Philip Paeps (“Trouble”) is an independent consultant and contractor based in Belgium. He provides research and development on low-level software and operating systems, particularly in an embedded or real-time context. His main interests are bootloaders, device drivers and high-performance networking. He can also be convinced to teach courses and workshops on a variety of networking-related topics.

In his so-called free time, Philip is a FreeBSD committer contributing mainly to the kernel and a member of the FreeBSD security team. He was one of the main organisers of FOSDEM, the largest annual open source software conference in Europe, from the early 2000s until 2015. He denies having any involvement with amateur radio or tabletop role playing games.

Hamish Coleman

Dim Sum Labs

Hamish has always liked to bend hardware to his will, which led to a career as a Sys Admin and means that he is always trying to understand what is inside the black box.His quest to make computers do his bidding (and not theirs) has continued to drive his tinkering with software and hardware at home and at work.  He believes in empowering others to also bend technology along with him!Hamish currently lives in Hong Kong - tiny living with his many tiny computers.

Stephen Frost

Crunchy Data Solutions, Inc.

As a PostgreSQL major contributor and committer, Stephen implemented roles support in 8.1 to replace the existing user/group system, SQL column-level privileges in 8.4, and Row Level Security scheduled to be released with PostgreSQL 9.5. He has also spoken previously at numerous conferences, including pgConf.EU, pgConf.US, PostgresOpen, SCALE and others.

Matthew Treinish

IBM Research

Matthew has been working on and contributing to Open Source software for most of his career. Matthew currently works for IBM Research developing open source software for quantum computing. He is also a long time OpenStack contributor and a former member of the OpenStack TC (Technical Committee) and was previously the PTL (project technical lead) of the OpenStack community's QA program. He has previously been a speaker at, OpenStack summits, LinuxCons Japan, China, and North America, Open Source Summit Europe, SeaGL, OpenWest, and FOSSASIA.

Colin Charles

Colin is the Managing Consultant at GrokOpen. Previously, he was on the founding team of MariaDB Server, and has been around the MySQL ecosystem including being an early employee at MySQL, and worked actively on the Fedora and projects. Colin has been a MySQL user since 2000. He's well known within open source communities, enjoys building business and market entry in APAC and has spoken at many conferences.

Michael Christen

Founder, SUSI.AI

Michael is the founder of SUSI AI, loklak and, the creator of the Peer-to-Peer Search engine YaCy. He is a Big Data Engineer consulting for some of the largest corporate players in Germany on search engine technology and digital transformation strategies. He is also the architect of the German Digital Library search portal.

Chris Travers

Adjust GmbH

Chris Travers has nearly three decades of IT and programming experience and has been around PostgreSQL for nearly two decades.  He heads the database team at Adjust GmbH, has contributed to the PostgreSQL core codebase, and helps out with database administration, design, extension, and scaling.

Paul Hamilton

South West Makers
Paul Hamilton is a co-founder of the South West Makers, in Western Australia. Paul has given talks on using Open Source software in Local Government and various Raspberry Pi hardware projects including some that have been presented at the Shenzhen Makers Faire. He calls himself a Hobbyologist due to his natural curiosity for life, nature and the technological world. He is currently interested in the mashup of electronics, wearables and biology.

Aayush Arora

Coding Blocks

Aayush is a field Marshal of Frontend Applications, thriving to innovate frontend with accessible Interfaces. An innovation strategist and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bootcamper graduate, he brings 4+ years of experience in Web Development, Accessibility with his expertise in Angular Framework. Since, 2+ years, he has mentored around 1 lakh students across the globe for Udacity under Google Scholarship programmes and 20+ startups under Pluralsight. Aayush has always been a prominent voice for FOSSASIA during GSoC and has been contributing continuously to the growth of the communities such as FOSSASIA, NASA and CloudCV.He has a passion for solving Accessibility issues and is working as an Instructor & Product Engineer at Coding Blocks, New Delhi.

Rahul Akolkar


Rahul Akolkar leads the Worldwide Data Science and AI Technical Sales organization at IBM. In his previous roles, he has worked in AI Expert Services and IBM Research. His work has been featured in a US Super Bowl advertisement, has helped Olympic athletes and has helped numerous clients infuse AI into their business processes. Rahul first got involved in open source communities more than 15 years ago and has contributed to numerous open source projects and industry standards. He is an elected Member of the Apache Software Foundation. In a related space, Rahul has done standards work at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) representing IBM in multiple Working Groups. He is an Open Group Certified Distinguished Architect and also an IBM Master Inventor with dozens of research papers and issued patents.

Ong Khai Wei


Khai Wei focuses on helping both start-ups and enterprise in technical solution architect and design of applications towards cloud via IBM Cloud platform across multiple technologies - Blockchain, Kubernetes, DevOps and so on. With his years of experience in software development and solution architecture, Khai Wei leverages past experiences to support enterprises in adopting open source technology such as Hyperledger Fabric and maximize what the technology can benefits in long term towards the industry. Before joining IBM, Khai Wei has worked as application developer in Malaysia. He joined IBM as Technical Specialist in Malaysia at year 2008, transitioned to Singapore in year 2013 to better support ASEAN Region.

Harish Pillay

Red Hat

Harish Pillay serves as Head of Community Architecture and Leadership at Red Hat, Inc. and served as its Chief Technology Architect of South Asia since September 29, 2003. Harish co-founded the Linux Users' Group Singapore in 1993. He served as President of the Internet Society Singapore Chapter from 2013 to 2015. He has been a Trustee of Internet Society since June 18, 2016. He is a senior member of the Singapore Computer Society and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. 

Michael Cheng

Lawyer. Raspberry Pi/GPIO Fanatic. Currently supporting open source program office at Facebook. Former IT sysadmin, investment banker and high school dropout. Born in Taiwan. Currently based in the US. Spent 10+ years in China, Thailand, Japan, Myanmar and Hong Kong.

Lim Tit Meng

Science Centre Singapore

As the CEO of Science Centre and Vice Dean of NUS Mr Lim Tit Meng promotes STEM as an engine for knowledge-based innovation economy; engages stake holders to share the mission and champions creative science communication. His goal is to inspire youth to see STEM as a powerful means to create their own future as well as solutions for the future.

Aurélien Géron


Aurélien Géron is the author of the best-selling book "Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow" (O'Reilly, 2017). A former Googler, he led YouTube's video classification team from 2013 to 2016. He also founded Wifirst, a leading Wireless ISP in France. Before this he worked as a software engineer in a variety of domains: healthcare, media & telecommunications, finance, defense, manufacturing and more. He recently moved to Singapore where he founded, a Machine Learning consulting & training firm.

Remi Denis-Courmont


Long-time open-source developer, and largest contributor to the VLC media player project

Sachin Shridhar

Pivotal Software, Inc

Sachin Shridhar is Vice President, Customer Success Organization, Asia Pacific and Japan, at Pivotal Software, Inc. The CSO group is responsible for all technical services in the region including Solution Architecture, Implementation, Delivery, Consulting and Education.

In his role he is driving Pivotal's offerings to assist customers make the transitions to the software driven world, making software development a core competency and an advantage for businesses.

Sachin has spent over 2 decades in the industry and over a decade in markets across Asia Pacific and Japan. His experiences are in Services and Solutions in technology companies, helping customers and partners be successful with the technology offerings.

Prior to Pivotal, Sachin was the Vice President for APJ Services, Red Hat for over 5 years driving the pre-sales, consulting and education business for them.

Michael Ducy


Michael Ducy currently works as Director of Community & Evangelism for Sysdig where he is responsible for growing adoption of Sysdig’s open source solutions. Previously, Michael worked at Chef where we held a variety of roles helping customers and community members leverage Chef’s open source and paid solutions, as well as implement the ideas and practices of DevOps. Michael has also worked in a variety of roles in his career including Cloud Architecture, Systems Engineering, and Performance Engineering. Michael holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Chicago and an MBA from The Ohio State University.

Jonas von Malottki


Jonas is shaping the Blockchain and DLT activities from the technology perspective within Daimler. He holds a Diploma in Computer Science and Japanese Studies from University of Bonn. Main focus topics were Metadata and Data Quality as well as Neural Networks. He is a member of the Governing Board of Hyperledger.

Michael Downey

United Nations Foundation

Michael Downey is the Director of Community for the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) Open Source Center, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation. The Center is a collaborative community promoting knowledge sharing, collaboration, and co-investment in technology and human capacity to support positive social change in FOSS communities around the world.

Norbert Preining


Mathematician and Logician by education who after working at various universities (TU Wien, Universita di SIena, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) is now working in the Research and Development lab of Accelia, Inc, Tokyo. His core interests are mathematical logic, computer science, machine learning, AI, security, software verification and specification. He got involved with TeX Live around 2003. In 2005 he packaged for the first time TeX Live for Debian (up to that time all distributions used teTeX).

Over the years Norbert became involved in TeX Live development, and after rewriting the whole TeX Live infrastructure in Perl, and providing the TeX Live Manager for online updates, he is now the responsible maintainer for most of the core support programs of TeX Live.

Since some years Norbert is also member of the board of directors of the international TeX User Group.

G. Matthew Rice

Linux Professional Institute

Matthew is a technical and management lead in the development of the world class Linux Professional certification program of LPI. He works at a technical level with a team of international Subject Matter Experts.

Michael Bright

@mjbright Consulting

Michael is an independent trainer/consultant on Cloud Native (Docker, Kubernetes, Micro-services, Serverless, Unikernels) with more than 30 years of experience in IT and Telecom as Researcher, Developer, pre-sales and Delivery consultant, Developer Advocate.

Gerry Demaret


Gerry is a system and network administrator by day, and a conference organizer by night. He is one of the main organizers of FOSDEM, the largest free and open source conference in Europe. He has been involved with the organisation of the event since 2005. He currently serves as the director of the not-for-profit behind the conference, and wears may other hats within the FOSDEM team. 

Sindhu Chengad


Sindhu Chengad heads the open source business for Microsoft's Asia Pacific region, and has been with Microsoft since 4 years. She is responsible for defining Microsoft’s open source strategy and for growing the cloud business in the APAC region through key partnerships. She has a B2B background across process consulting, marketing and strategy in the cloud, IT services and computer hardware industries, spanning the US, UK and Asia.

Jason Zaman

Gentoo Linux

Jason Zaman is a Gentoo Linux developer and maintains the SELinux policies and userspace libraries. He is also an upstream maintainer on the SELinuxProject and Community Lead on TensorFlow's SIG-Build.

François Cartegnie


Joined VideoLAN in 2009 and became one of the main VLC developers.Working on demuxers and codecs (most media formats that goes in or out) side of VLC media player.Has an academical background in usability, wireless networks and owned his own web shopbot company.

Masafumi Ohta

Raspberry Pi Foundation
Masafumi is leading Raspberry Pi community in Japan and volunteering Raspberry Pi Foundation from farthest east country, Japan. He has helping their business and encourage Raspberry Pi related projects with Raspberry Pi Foundation. Masafumi has elected ARM INNOVATOR by because of his vivid activities with Raspberry Pi in Japan.Masafumi has also been contributing many other OpenSource projects, He has elected Active User Contributor for OpenStack Foundation because of his project at a big-name automotive company in Japan and he also organizes CLSx Tokyo to discuss community leadership and issue.Masafumi lately has started collaboration with ASUS to enhance their Tinkerboard using original Rockchip kernel on it


Kogi Oberoi




Milindu Kumarage

Sysco Labs

Mathura Bikash Tripura


Oranee Jariyapotngam


Dorn Bouttasing

Green Laos Community Volunteers

Tristan Van Berkom


Darmadi Komo

Microsoft APAC

Sai Vennam


Ng Meng Cher


Nicole Chua


Sudesh K Krishnamoorthy


Purushothama Shenoy


Flik Fok


Zack Yeo


Abhinav Khare


Akshat Garg


Madhushanka Padmal


Triton Ho


Anup Kumar


Son Le Thanh

IBM Watson

Anindyo Sarkar


Zhidong Wang


Ranjith Varakantam

Red Hat

William Tan

ITE College West

Gi Soong Chee

Dunman High School

Kitman Cheung


Steven Shiau

NCHC, Taiwan | Clonezilla project

Matt Ware


Harshil Agrawal

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology, Vasad

Wei Tat Chung


Tarun Kumar


Parag Nemade

Red Hat

Ayan Pahwa

Mentor-A Siemens Business

Rohan Malhotra


Aagam Shah

Red Hat

Sunil Samal

Red Hat

Balasubramanian Kandasamy


Carol Chen

Red Hat

Sayan Chowdhury

Red Hat

Amit Sagtani

KDE Community

Guruswamy Revana

BVRIT HYDERABAD College of Engineering

Urvashi Verma

Delhi Technological University

Isham Mohamed MI

Kloudynet Technologies Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Augustine Correa

Hackerspace Mumbai

Aiko Klostermann


Akshat Jain


Anuj Deshpande

Espressif Systems



Yogi Rampuria


Owais Zahid


Sinny Kumari

Red Hat

Saptak Sengupta


Anton Babenko

Jerome Nilmeier


Amod Narendra Narvekar


Martin Bähr

Beijing LUG

Stefan Beyer


Shagufta Gurmukhdas


Sri Harsha Gajavalli


Adnan Jalaludin

2-Watt Elements

Anand S


Melvin Zhang


Huzaifa Sidhpurwala

Red Hat

Nisha Gopalakrishnan

Oracle India Pvt Ltd

Divyanshu N Singh


Harshit Dwivedi


Darren Evans


Steve Chow


João Gonçalo Bilhim


Michal Cichra

Red Hat

Rajika Imal

99X Technology

Rushil Sharma

Red Hat

Jean F. Queralt

The IO Foundation

Paul Lorett Amazona


Graham Dumpleton

Red Hat

Jorge Morales

Red Hat

Nguyễn Hồng Quân


Suraj Narwade

Red Hat

Nikesh Balami

Open Knowledge Nepal

Chathu Vishwajith

Auth0 Inc

Jonathan Le Lous


Dieter Stubler

independIT Integrative Technolgies GmbH

Mashrin Srivastava


Saumya Suvarna

Cisco Systems

Chaithra Gopalareddy


Masashi Hamahira


Dilum Maduranga De Silva


Astrid Mager

Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA)

Dr. Data Ng


Mohammed A. Imran

Practical DevSecOps - Eracorp

Yogesh Ojha

TATA Consultancy Services

Saroj Tripathy


Satyajit Bulage

Red Hat

Narendra Chauhan


Thorsten Neumann (龚拓思)


Jogendra Kumar


Anshuman Verma


Omprakash Kasaraboina

ScaledV Consultancy Pte. Ltd.

Marian Marinov


Anjali Curic


Arundhati Gupta


Sanskar Jethi


Anup Kumar Panwar


Mohit Kumar




Srikar Mutnuri

Tata Consultancy Services

Sundeep Anand

Red Hat

Ramya Authappan


Arihant Godha


Ryan Teoh


S M Sarwar


Vivek Khurana

Mintango Technologies

Daniel Maslowski

Philipp Deppenwiese

9elements Cyber Security

Jens Petersen

Red Hat

Kumar Rishav


Aravind Putrevu


Vinod Kumar


Jens Wilke

headissue GmbH

Amit Bhattacharya


Abhishek Ranjan

Bundl Technologies Pvt Ltd

Sophia Curic


Manuel Riel

iViveLabs Ltd.

Mayank Prasad


Scott Jones

Six Kin Development

Harin Nalin Vadodaria

Oracle India Private Limited

Organized by FOSSASIA

The annual FOSSASIA Summit is the premier Open Technology event in Asia for developers, contributors, start-ups, and technology companies in Asia. Projects at FOSSASIA range from open hardware, to design, graphics and software. FOSSASIA was established in 2009. The annual FOSSASIA summittook place in Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore. Meetup groups exist throughout Asia.

The FOSSASIA organization develops Open Source software and hardware solutions with a global developer community. FOSSASIA was founded in 2009 by Mario Behling and Hong Phuc Dang.

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