CryptoParty is a decentralized movement with events happening all over the world. The goal is to pass on knowledge about protecting yourself in the digital space. This can include encrypted communication, preventing being tracked while browsing the web, and general security advice regarding computers and smartphones. To try the tools and apps directly at the CryptoParty, bring your laptop or smartphone. Organized by Open Labs Hackerspace. More news coming soon.

Featured Speakers

Arjen Kamphuis

Arjen Kamphuis worked for IBM as IT-architect in the '90's. From 2002 to 2010 he advised several European countries on IT-strategy, opensource and open standards. Since 2006 he helps secures the information systemsof corporates, national government and NGO's. His work ranges from regular privacy-compliance and security-awareness up to countering espionage against companies, journalists and governments. To keep up technically Arjen is involved with the global hacker-scene and keeps in touch with (former)employees of spy agencies and other professionals who work at the front of critical infrastructure protection.


Ardian Haxha


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Organized by Open Labs Hackerspace

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