The Nextcloud community will get together at the TU Berlin from August 22 to 29 for a week of talks and coding around the next generation private cloud technology. Talks will be on Saturday and Sunday, Friday we have a special Focus Friday on large scale and enterprise deployments.

The conference is focused on making Nextcloud better through discussions, coding, packaging, designing, translating and more, all with the participation of our amazing community. If you want to get involved and can't wait for the conference, see our contribution pages on how to get started with being a Nextcloud contributor!

Learn more about the conference, like the program and what kind of sessions to expect on the conference information page: In the meantime, feel free to book the date in your calendars and register here!

Featured Speakers

Tristan Nitot

Frank Karlitschek

Nextcloud GmbH


Andy Scherzinger


Mario Danic

Nextcloud GmbH

Tobias Kaminsky

Nextcloud GmbH

Redon Skikuli


Silva Arapi


Xheni Myrtaj

Jona Azizaj

Roeland Douma

Klaus Herberth


Tobias Hagemann


Ivan Sein

Jan-Christoph Borchardt

Nextcloud & Open Source Design

Oscar Arias Farrera

VNC - Virtual Network Consult AG

Joas Schilling



Björn Schießle

Nextcloud GmbH

Nextcloud Conference

Martin Dougiamas


Lukas Reschke

Morris Jobke

Arthur Schiwon

Nextcloud GmbH

Camila San Martin Ayres


Mario Danic

Nextcloud GmbH

Marcel Scherello

Ricki Hirner

Bernhard Stockmann

Kaja Santro

Rails Girls Summer of Code - Discourse

Paul Adams


Ignacio Núñez Hernanz

Own Your Bits - NextCloudPi

Thomas Hildmann

tubIT - IT Service Center, Technische Universität Berlin

Jos Poortvliet

Nextcloud GmbH

Olivier Paroz and Matthias Wobben


Alexey Volkov

On My Disk

Julius Härtl


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Nextcloud gives people and organisations a secure and private way to control their data and communication.

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