Call for Speakers


You can submit proposals for Lightning talks and Workshops. Proposals should fit in one of the 3 tracks: Main Track, Workshop track and Enterprise Track. The submission period closes Tuesday, August 1. 2017.

We invite you to submit a proposal if you want to present or share something related to Nextcloud. Your proposal should be simple and short: just tell us in a few words about what you want to share with the other Nextclouders. Talks are 5 minutes, slides in PDF (to be submitted at least 1 week in advance) and a pre-arranged order so we can go through the talk without any fiddling in between with projectors or such.

Choose "Propose session" to submit your talk and "Register as speaker" to give more details about you.

 Remember Nextcloud Conference 2017 will only be as good as the content you present. Submit early, submit often!