OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania) is the first annual conference in Albania organized to promote software freedom, open source software, free culture and open knowledge, a global movement that originally started more than 25 years ago.

The Conference will take place at 13 & 14 May 2017 in Tirana and will gather free libre open source technology users, developers, academics, governmental agencies and people who share the idea that software should be free and open for the local community and governments to develop and customize to its needs; that knowledge is a communal property and free and open to everyone.Our mission is educating Albanian youth, and not only, on Free and Open Source Software, its ideology and the great community behind it.

OSCAL: we are creating an open source ecosystem, and we want you to be part of the change!

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Free access to the presentations, workshops, info booths and free libre open source community meetups that will take place during #OSCAL2017.

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Featured Speakers

Manel Rhaiem

Mozilla Tunisia

Manel Rhaiem, a woman in tech, from Tunisia, joined the IT world in 2010, when as a developer she got involved with the local open source club at her university, focusing on web technologies. A Mozilla representative since 2013, she’s a tech speaker and passionate about Data. For more information check out her blog.

Adam Hyde

Collaborative Knowledge Foundation

Adam is the Co-Founder of the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation and has been involved in open source for 20 years. He is also the founder of FLOSS Manuals, Book Sprints, Booktype, and other open source projects. Adam is also a fellow at the Shuttleworth Foundation.

Chris Lamb


@LinuxFoundation grantee, freelance programmer

@Debian developer


Classical musician

Italo Vignoli

The Document Foundation

OSI board member, TDF founder and team member, LibreOffice advocate

Kristiana Dhima

Kristiana is an open source fan, a geek and a high achieving student in Information Security that believes life is about making a positive impact and developing yourself by developing others.

Arjen Kamphuis

Beehive 4.2 / Hack42

Securing all the cybers, Free Software advocate, mountaineer, sailor, carpenter, geek and damn proud of it. PGP KeyID: 0x173F0BCA

George Roter


George Roter is Head of Core Contributors, Participation at Mozilla, responsible for increasing the impact of contribution and external collaboration on Mozilla's products and technologies.

Maria Xynou

OONI - The Tor Project

Maria works with the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) project where she examines internet censorship

Gijs Hillenius


On behalf of the European Commission's open source observatory (OSOR.eu)

Matthias Kirschner

Free Software Foundation Europe

FSFE 's President. Working for Free Software, so every individual in our society can self-determined use, study, share, and improve software.

Peter Sunde

Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, 38, a Helsinki/Copenhagen-based Scandinavian hacker/artist, is working with projects that have the potential to change the society and particularly deals with questions of intellectual property rights.

Sunde is best known for co-founding the controversial The Pirate Bay, a scandinavian file sharing system that bills itself as "The world's most resilient bittorrent site”. Besides this involvement, Sunde founded Flattr, a much awarded micro payment system.

He’s currently artist in residence at the swedish art collective Konsthack and also recording a tv-series about activism.

Polina Malaja

Free Software Foundation Europe

Policy Analyst and the Legal Coordinator at the Free Software Foundation Europe.

Alex Lakatos


Alex Lakatos has been a Mozilla Representative Mentor and contributor to the Mozilla project for the past six years, based in London. JavaScript developer building on the open web, he has been pushing its boundaries every day. You can check out his github profile or get in touch on twitter. When he’s not programming, he likes to travel the world, so it’s likely you’ll bump into him in an airport lounge.


Alexander Todorov

Red Hat

Sidorela Uku

Open Labs Hackerspace

Dashamir Hoxha

Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT)

Luca Pescatore

Things Lab

Daniele Scasciafratte


Gergely Rákosi


John Sturdy


Bruno Skvorc


Michael Scherer

Red Hat

Engjell Rraklli


Marios Magioladitis

Wikimedia Community User Group Greece

Renata Gegaj


Aldo Ziflaj

Elvis Plaku


Dávid Halász


Orges Cico

Metropolitan Incubator

Riccardo Iaconelli


Gabriele Falasca


Tobias Mueller


Jaminy Prabaharan


Dimitar Zahariev

Zacharias Mitzelos

Fedora Project

Justin W. Flory

Fedora Project / MusicBrainz / SpigotMC

Boris Budini


Marc Balmer

micro systems

Enxhi Maloku

Oliver Sauter

World Brain

František Zatloukal

Fedora Project

Thomas Levine

Chris Ward

Red Hat

Marina Latini

The Document Foundation

Sam Penrose


Alban Xhaferllari

Distilled Schibsted

Bledar Gjocaj


Brian Exelbierd


Marcus Streets

Linux Foundation

Besfort Guri


Jan-Christoph Borchardt

Next Cloud & open Source Design

Dimitar Dimitrov


Brennan Novak

Open Source Design

Arion Banishta

FLOSSK / Mozilla

Ardian Haxha

Fedora Project

Sopot Çela

Red hat

Arturo Filastò

OONI - The Tor Project

Paul Neumann

Metropolitan Geospatial Centre

Alexandru Somesan


Daniel Pocock

Debian project

Mario Behling


Albert Lekaj

Open Data Kosovo

Adelina Hajrizi


Vangjel Stavro

Stavro Consulting


Abhiram Ravikumar


Marie Gutbub

Information Security

Joni Baboci

Bashkia Tirane

Giannis Konstantinidis


Suela Palushi


Ardi Goxhaj

PLUS Communication

Edmond Cukalla


Matteo Bonanomi


Candy Tricia Khohliwe


Sahil Dua


Geron Imeraj

VIVO Communication


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Organized by Open Labs Albania

Open Labs is the first self-funded hackerspace in Albania. Our goal is to share knowledge using open tools that are available through technology. We have weekly events and member gatherings and ongoing projects. Learn more about us at www.openlabs.cc

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